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God Wants to Partner with You to Fulfill Your Destiny

God has been speaking to you for years.

You know you have a unique destiny. You know you are called to be a world-changing leader or church planter. But you ask: Where can I find the right training? Do I have to stop my life to be trained, or can I get trained in the midst of my current life? How can I get training that is Biblical and spiritual and practical?

We believe that God is moving on the earth in an unprecedented way in preparation for what could be the greatest harvest in human history. Each of us needs to get ready to be kingdom ambassadors both in the Church and in the other spheres of society.

Welcome to Epicenter Leadership Institute, we deliver the training you need in a flexible format with affordable pricing.

What our students are saying

“Hello leaders and future leaders of the gospel of Christ!
My name is Justin and have been a student with Epicenter during the beginning stages of the school and I’d like to say how it’s impacted me as a son, disciple, minister and leader. I lead a home group, an outreach and a worship ministry. You might think, why does this guy need to learn about leadership?

I look to the Bible and see although king David was VERY anointed he surrounded himself with wise counsel as did Solomon, Moses, Paul and every other leader.

This school has gone beyond book knowledge for me…The books we look at are both practical and revelatory. The relationship I’ve been very blessed to have developed with Jordan the Student Director has provided a brotherly relationship with authority to help me discern and navigate both personal and ministry obstacles and challenges WE ALL WILL FACE AT VARYING TIMES.

God is working through Michael, Glen and Jordan in ways to disciple and develop tomorrow leaders today in practical and loving ways!
It’s very well thought out. The fact it takes 2 years is really crucial for developing the character to go along with the gifts and knowledge giving it time to process, blossom and mature into wisdom.

This school has something for everyone and every level of leadership you may or may not have grown into yet. This dedicated staff will guide you along the way!”
— Justin Roberts, First Year

“Epicenter has been exactly what we needed to focus and improve our personal growth and ministry with others!”
— Connie Dominguez, Redding, CA First Year

“Epicenter created a foundation of truth that I could practically walk out.”
– Glen Ruis, Tallahassee, FL, First Year

“The concept of transitioning from Pastoral to an Apostolic church is one of the greatest concepts a leader can learn and utilize from day one.”
— Daniel Dominguez, Redding, CA First Year

What is Epicenter Leadership Institute?

Epicenter is an online ministry training center, equipping and empowering ministers for Church and Marketplace. Epicenter offers one, two and three year programs that lead to  certificates in Church Leadership, Church Planting, or Marketplace Ministry.

Epicenter is designed to meet you where you are at and give you some of the most anointed and practical training available today. Although we provide hundreds of video teachings with notes and application exercises, we provide way more than just videos. We also offer a weekly live coaching event for you to gather with instructors and other students to wrestle with applying the tools you learn in a community atmosphere.

Who is Epicenter?

Epicenter is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Brodeur, a veteran pastor, conference speaker, ministry coach, and entrepreneur. Michael is the founder and president of PastorsCoach.com and DestinyFinder.com and is an instructor at various ministry schools, with his strongest focus being on Church Leadership and Church Planting.

Michael and his wife Diane planted a Vineyard church in San Francisco in the 80s that became the largest church the City had seen in a generation, raising up hundreds of leaders, ministries and small groups. He went on to oversee more than 25 Vineyard churches in Northern California before moving into a coaching role throughout the greater body of Christ. In addition to teaching at other ministry schools, Michael now coaches churches and movements around the world.

The staff includes veteran pastors and leaders who teach and mentor from experience in real-world ministry.

Program Goal

The emphasis is on developing leaders who grow deep in their relationship with the Lord and who impact society, both in the Church and the Marketplace. The goal is to produce leaders who actually make disciples, and more explicitly, make disciple makers… meaning members and leaders who reproduce spiritually.

Program Approach

We seek to balance the Word and the Spirit, character and gifting. We focus on developing a solid Biblical foundation and practical application, as well as a full expression of the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit. And we recognize the necessity of developing leaders with Godly character first, but also helping people grow in their gifts.

We specialize in providing training that is totally Biblical, and extremely practical, using the latest insights from studies in church growth, sociology, neuroscience, learning theory and more. We are not interested in seeing Christians moving from church to church… we want to raise up leaders who reach the lost and develop leaders and members that reproduce. It’s people development… a new word for an old-fashioned thing called discipleship. It’s how Jesus and Paul developed leaders who changed the world…and you can do it too!

Yes we cover a lot of the foundational material every Bible school and seminary covers…but we will also cover things most Bible schools and seminaries do NOT cover – the nuts and bolts of real world ministry, taught by instructors, most of them veteran pastors, who’ve done it in the trenches of day-to-day ministry.

Program Structure and Timing

— The first year includes 20 video courses (some required, some elective), along with a live weekly online coaching call, leading to a certificate in Ministry.

— The second year has 20 courses and leads to certificates in Church Leadership or Marketplace Ministry. It also includes personal one-on-one mentoring.

— The third year is primarily an internship with practical experience in ministry in the church and/or marketplace. It leads to certificates in Church Planting or Apostolic Pioneering.

— The program is quarter based, with Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, and a shorter Summer Session.

— Courses are delivered through our website’s Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks student progress.

— Live online coaching calls are delivered by Zoom or Skype.

— Mentoring is delivered in person, or by phone or Skype.

— Accreditation is a future possibility, and may be offered as an option; it would require additional fees.

— Winter 2019 Quarter begins Jan 8, and goes through March 14.


Year 1

Destiny Discovery & Development
Bible Interpretation
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Systematic Theology
Church History
Kingdom Foundations
Kingdom Leadership
Leadership Development
Outreach and Evangelism
Kingdom Community
Kingdom Lifestyle
Supernatural Ministry
Pioneering New Ministries

Year 2

Church Growth Essentials
Church as Family
Senior Leader
Leadership Team
Vision and Mission
Developing Every Member for Ministry
Destiny Finder
Life Coaching and Mentoring
Evangelistic Ministry
Pastoral Ministry
Teaching Ministry
Prophetic Ministry
Apostolic Ministry
Small Groups

Year 3

Practical application
Starting new micro churches
Pioneering new apostolic ministries.


Year 1


or $110 x 12 months = $1320

(Includes live weekly group coaching call)

Year 2 and 3

$1300/yr or $140 x 12 months = $1680

(includes live weekly group coaching call AND personal one-on-one mentoring)


Spring Quarter 2019
Starts April 9
Ends June 25

Summer Session 2019
Starts July 9 
Ends August 27

Fall Quarter 2019
To be announced…


Once application is received processing takes 1-2 days.